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Love hidden in his shoes

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Love hidden in his shoes

Post  ooxoox on Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:52 pm

Follow Wang Li, the fashion industry does not always hold language attitude startles people to meet the desire for beauty. JCC brand new "CAI" series is to accommodate the taste of supra shoes and comfort shoes, from a devil's hand Tsai Kang-young, the fashion of smell is doing my degree, this time, Tsai Kang-young to love hiding the shoes!
"CAI" contains seven shoes romantic love story, showing every stage of women will experience love; Kevin Tsai for each phase of the women's shoes was designed for mood, together with Chua Love Proverbs to create a free "shoes" to hit the shoes. Each dc skate shoes are hidden with text symbols, hidden in the design of exquisite shoes for the wearer looking to add a love like fun.
Material comfort and the complex production process, creative design surprises apart, add to the mix of diversity, seven shoes showing various styles to meet the needs of women in various situations. "CAI" series out of the traditional model and create a new creative design shoes. Speaking of inspiration, the Tsai Kang- said: "I have always been very pet girls. I wrote the text, but also want to supra vaider the girls loved the gentle and yearning for the good of love. This time, I want to design shoes to for my favorite girls, doing the same thing. “
It is reported that in March 2011 8, Kevin Tsai will visit Sogo Plaza sale scene, "CAI" series shoes live signings. Where to buy this series of shoes during the event Search & found looking for
"Love is pain, there will be a little bit of love is not just because it ?..。。 Occurred, but also to withstand, to withstand the impact of love, to bear the weight of love, that love of God to bear Arrow stay in the heart is shining badge; arrow pulling, that is, supra to
scars ...。。 Just brilliant, no matter badges, or, your heart is all because of the Arrow, sends out the light you have never seen ah! "
The impression to the mall to buy outdoor supplies and more for ordinary consumers, and professional outdoor enthusiasts are more willing to specialty stores like three husbands, but the reporter learned that is not true --- "We are guests here ordinary consumers, but consumers are also very professional. "sailed to the North Face store Lufthansa, a shopping guide introduction, many consumers choose go outside the high-end outdoor brand image of its flagship store or mall stores, because they" care more about the shopping environment . “
More and more outdoor mall brand presence
Lao Liang is a senior outdoor enthusiast, who remembers the year 2000, only three husbands to buy outdoor supplies, "that Beijing mall's outdoor brand small, less well-known outdoor brands." However, about 2005 years, he got used to the mall to buy christian louboutin products, "Golden Source Lufthansa, SOGO Department Store and later the Shin Kong is a place I often go to." appears in the old beams, more and well-known outdoor brands including Columbia , the North Face, Pathfinder, AIGLE and so have entered the market, "not only more diverse products, rich, and more comfortable shopping environment, and the price is not expensive, shopping discounts or events to catch up, but more cost-effective."
Recently, the reporter sailed Lufthansa, Shin Kong as well as outdoor areas understand the Sogo department store, even on holidays, the region's consumers are not as fashionable women and sports and leisure so "busy", but never lonely. "To the guests louboutin pumps outdoor area more clearly, and the purchase rate is also high they usually identify a brand or a product to try on will buy it after." Sogo department store brand in Colombia, a shopping guide, told reporters.
Higher prices were not many high-tech clothing is interested
Different specialty and outdoor equipment, outdoor mall area is still dominated by clothing and shoes, a few have some rope, first aid kits and tents and other products. Reporter learned a number of outdoor brand counters, Jackets, hiking shoes and the speed of drying is the most popular products to the classic features louboutin boots the new main, 500 -2000 Yuan is the price consumers are generally accepted, on the contrary Those higher prices for the quarter hit high-tech clothing, and as a showcase and promote the concept, not many people really interested. "People like those with a functional and stylish products, you can wear them to the outskirts of mountain climbing, long step, or even usually in the city shopping, work, etc., and those new high-tee is a very important reason. "
In fact, China has no real outdoor stores or outdoor mall, in North America, large outdoor shopping mall will have a huge store, very fine division, in addition to general outdoor clothing and equipment, as well as hunting, canoeing and so on. But jimmy choo shoes sale well-known outdoor brands will have their own shop; you can have a variety of options. At present, outdoor specialty stores are relatively small; I will some particular specialty stores tents, lamps and other equipment, clothing will go to the mall to buy, because discounted season tory burch outlet are more cost-effective, as high-end equipment can only be ordered online from abroad.

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