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Powered UP - Boot Camp Training

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Powered UP - Boot Camp Training

Post  Mark on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:46 pm

Powered UP - Boot Camp Training is currently in development...

Mo, Tu, Thu, Fri = 4 days * 4 weeks = THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!

Powered UP Spring Boot Camp at Bill Arp Park
Join us @ 5:30am four days per week, for 4 weeks for energizing and fun activities that are designed to help you achieve your healthy goals, QUICK!

You will experience:
Dramatic Improvements in your Physical Well-being!
Loss of Inches and a Firmer Body!
Increased Strength and Endurance!
Nutritional Education!
Pre- and Post - Full Body Evaluations to Determine your Success!

You can expect:
3-5% Body Fat Reduction
1-3" Decrease of Your Waist
5-12lb Body Fat Loss
25% Strength Improvement
25% Endurance Improvement
100% Gain in Self Confidence
Greatly Improved Posture
Better Relaxation

(we are still determining the price)
How much would these results be worth to you?
18 1-hour sessions including a pre- and post-session full body analysis for
only $290.00
coming to only $16.11 per meeting!

Powered UP - Transformers graduates
will receive either a 5% discount or forums related discount and pay
only $275.50

coming to only $15.30 per meeting!

These are our Initial Prices - final preparations are being made and we are looking forward to officially presenting you with this option very soon!

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Re: Powered UP - Boot Camp Training

Post  bigJohnJPS on Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:03 am

This is a great idea Mark!

4 weeks is enough to make getting up early to workout a habit!

That would be a great way to kickstart a new lifestyle!

John Philipp Scherer

I will do today what others won't so I can be tomorrow what others aren't!
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