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Chris H - TOP TRANSFORMER Fall 2008, Fall 2009

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Chris H - TOP TRANSFORMER Fall 2008, Fall 2009

Post  Mark on Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:48 pm

I had the pleasure of working with Chris twice in one year. He joined my initial group in the Fall of 2008 and the Fall group of 2009. This allowed me to calculate his transformation for an entire year and WOW what an amazing one it is!

Besides changing his body composition by 58.12 pounds, he brought his body fat down from an obese 27.55% to a fit 14.8%! He is a true Powered UP - Transformer Champion for 2009 and should be an inspiration to all!

I find that this class has truly become part of my life. It is truly a lifestyle change, and Mark as a leader is the best! The time that he takes to prepare the material and weekly follow-up emails are invaluable. His vast knowledge and experience in the material covered make him invaluable and aids in my development. Thank you so much for your continued sacrifice and time. You're a blessing to us all!

Chris H - 11/10/2009

Thank YOU Chris! It is always a pleasure and you were awesome to work with. I know that your results will shine as a brilliant example to many, many others - for all that is possible. Stay strong!

It's notable to mention that Chris packed on over 31 pounds of muscle in in that one year, and disintegrated over 26 pounds of body fat!

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