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Back from the street, it soon had me behind.

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Back from the street, it soon had me behind.

Post  ooxoox on Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:50 pm

"Right, right, a big carrot to rare species, can grow large carrot" mini "level of radishes that it be called." I sincerely supra shoe my "gifts reflections." His remark could not stretch him also, and follow me laugh.
A long time, he had a more people can not smoke, "Ran Xiao," the words: "Meshing that? The same seed, the volume loud noise sent so much? Not bad Shea?”...... January 1, 2010, this is the most I ever received, "funny", and the happiest new gift. I had to jump the queue in the little village the people had "Mid-Autumn Festival" after the dc skate shoes Local custom is to marry the girl, "Sixteen" by her family back from the reunion. Old and new wife as a wife, as long as the mother in this tradition also continue.
August 15 Tirana calls it a day for an hour this evening, no matter how poor the people have to make meals. Educated youth cafeteria stew pot of stew, side back to the house not to eat a small sweet-scented acanthus to four teams, the shy, said, "aunt, could go to supra vaider has an injection?" I was the village's "barefoot doctors", will be shot and Aspect little disease.
As early as I heard your mother is very ill, Acanthus, and my heart is still very afraid to go out carrying a medical kit. Faint dark room to see a man wrapped in a tattered quilt. Never seen such a thin man, with eyes like two deep, arched high cheekbones, cheeks like being sliced off a large, sweating dripping wet hair attached to the forehead, to see me in, she just blinked eyes. Family mess, an odor, the supra tk of death filled. People dying all the time to show the suffering of the living by one the five daughters make a face full of fear. A shot, I ran wildly expel ghosts.
Women met the main road Ran Caring, her big voice, "sister, did not eat? My second aunt to find Front Street a few walnuts, brown sugar and go to the supply and marketing cooperatives to buy moon cake, little children do, go, and go on our household." Mother told me something of Acanthus fragrant, she hesitated, "not so while ago to see her defeated, this few days, the fear is chilling out?" Cain Rung house, three did not Sucking fingers shoulder high boy craned his neck See christian louboutin joy ran afar, "Mother, how such a long time?" worn and clean room, Choy -law lying unable to move, she had paralysis for several years. Choy Wing thought for a while, "Go home on the Backstreet Aunt Moon cake with my sisters to do."
Boys carrying mounting surface, sugar, oil, basket mold, I end the Pork Shum Road, home to the sweet-scented acanthus. "Wife, we coming," Choy Wing cried, surprised to meet the girl out of five. We set up Kang Table, in the sweet-scented acanthus busy mom pillow. Cain Rung is simple to do moon cake, flour, cornmeal, and then with point-you leather, which wrapped in brown sugar, peanuts, chopped walnuts on the moon cake mold of a pressure just fine. Moon cake mold is a long type; there are four different shapes of grooves, each with louboutin pumps patterns. Choy Wing to each girl to pick dough like mold does it yourself. Children rushing to brush oil, to make the moon cake into them, hard by, "Pam, Pam," knock out of the moon cake has the word "Elixir of Love", "more than auspicious."
We hold the sweet-scented acanthus mother sat watching the children do a half moon cake, old-old girl with face wrapped in a little packet of sugar a large coin, a small hand holding a bundle Nain arms, "Look, I pack," Ma Geisha tears, "I girl child hands a." The boys hold firewood stoves are the two points; there burnt a pot louboutin boots sweet potato, side "Pork stew tofu cabbage," the smell of steam mixed with sweet laughing, slapstick, and house full of warmth and happy. Kingpin of charcoal iron on moon cake: Brush a little bit of oil, baked to a yellow brown focus of Saipan Main, SA a little water, then baked, with much the same as selling, supply and marketing.
"Wife, multi-Jon’s girl, give me a bar when the daughter. You can get to the width of the thought, medication, injections of the injection, after the son had to give them choose, prepare the dowry, out Come on. Ming child I went to jimmy choo shoes sale for grants brigade is hard to have to go on the day of "Acanthus Mother nodded before leaving in tears Cain Rung Huron plug my two moon cake, I do not, acanthus Mother hard to push my arms, had collected . Bite, a little hard, but sweet and fragrant. How to eat the second port when the tears can not help but think of the house director, and paralysis the king’s mother, borrowed walnut. Moon rose, Goring mother's eyes brightened a bit, hoping to slowly waking life. Two months later, I saw your mother actually hold the door Acanthus sun.
Mid-Autumn Festival last year, back to the village to see my sweet-scented acanthus mother, old but in good spirits and five girls get married with her own hands every year, "sixteen" village stood waiting for her daughter and grandchildren back home to eat moon cake is always a miracle of life, That year's moon cake is the manolo blahnik shoes sale life, from which I understand a mother's love and caring, worried that a reason to live.
Yin Quiz
Cross Stitch wallet
and mother shopping the day after a cross stitch shop business, I went straight, going to buy some materials, embroider a purse for himself. Soon, I selected a, was about to pay, the Christian louboutin shoes silent mother has suddenly stopped me. She said: "You sit in front of a computer all day, already poor eyesight, and now we get this, which is able to stand ah eyes." It fail to beat the mother, I had bitterly out of store.
One day a few months later, I was at home online, the phone rang, a call from the mother, the sound seemed very excited: "girl, have time to come visit, mother has a tory burch handbags you." "What a gift?” I asked with a smile. "Silly girl, you come to know." The mother said, and actually hung up the phone. Driven by curiosity, I immediately put on his coat, ready to go.
Mother, brother, sister in law live in the house, take the bus twenty minutes to go. Brother Sister in law goes to tory burch outlet , at home only the mother of a person. Seated on the sofa, the mother will be fed to a paper bag. I can not wait to open the bag, could not help but pleasantly surprised once cried: "wallet, a purse stitch ah!" To be honest, I liked this one stitch wallet. It is black, rectangular, and full of lavender flowers above, both beautiful and generous. A closer look, it is delicate pin formation, can feel the draw, who embroidered it certainly paid a lot of effort.
"Mom, this is your embroidery?" I look puzzled to his mother. "No matter who is embroidered, and you say, like it or not, right?" I brought a purse, really imagined love could not help but ask: "Mom, this is not your embroidery in the end it?" "Ah, like.” tory burch reva mother said to stand up to the kitchen to get me fruit, before walking casually said:" Mother and which had embroidered it No, it is often a mother with older sisters Morning, embroidery several, give me one. "" Oh, embroidery this is not easy, you must thank her too I was asked.” I asked her mother, eyes still glued to the wallet on it.
One day soon, and the wife went shopping together, the cash register at a mall, when I took out the stitch wallet ready to pay, the wife to say a word, I suddenly stunned and speechless. She said: "Hey, this is not our mother embroidered that wallet? Her tory burch sandals wearing Glasses, a time to ah embroidery, embroidery for several months, the original is for you ... ..." At that moment, I do all understand.

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