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High heels "run" Mountain

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High heels "run" Mountain  Empty High heels "run" Mountain

Post  ooxoox Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:52 pm

Ski Canada hot springs, so had a "March Day", called pleasant; However, coupled with a supra shoes and fun mountain high heels race, so of play, should be called "Scream." A people "" in the "March" Festival, can not be tempted it?
March 5, 2011 First Joanna Tranche Kanji Mountain high heels "Girl, Go" contest in Kanji (South Tranche Resort) is on the road around the lake. 130 young men and women participated in this "highlight the young advocates, people blood boil" (Mom’s words, a competition) the fun game.
After 8090
Openly over from the "Woman's Day"
South Tranche mountain high heels "Girl, Go" contest the content of the composition of the three links. The first part of the "hundred meters to move for urban men and women" to participate in at least 6 cm female foot heel high heels meter races; the second part of the back for men and women rush hours, wearing sneakers-meter dc shoes online the top ten male players to act as "green" for the MM steal the points; the third part, "I withdraw the Tranche wild" is actually a "high-heeled shoes throwing" the sum score of the three links, then decided at the last championship.
Organizers had planned to recruit 60 players participate in games, but because enrollment is too hot, the game officially became the final 130 players. At least 6 cm heel high heels, the Competition site, the reporter found the contestants "game supra vaider " true manifold. High-heeled boots most s not only warm but also up and running solid; the most ridiculous is the sandals, put it on the weather, because he could "run up the Light"; the most frustrating is that the spring shoes, running up a very not Genial, so they got entangled by the owner of transparent tape around and around ... ... it seems that the number of women, there are many kinds of creative high-heeled shoes.
Wide variety of shoes can be the age of participants has been remarkably consistent in the young to see the application form; many of them are usually like, after 8090 the Christian louboutin home. "Not because we like home, fun Scooped second prize in the 26-year-old girl Zhou Lining, told reporters that as long as the activities fun, they
Not taboo, "Women's Day."
VS high heels shoes
Campaign to win the game otaku MM
"Girl, Go" mountain high heels the first part of the contest, "urban men and women to move for hundred meters", the girls are wearing high heels to run, and can be big boys organizers could not find code of the "male high heels "only" connivance "They louboutin boots sports shoes game.
All the girls participated in high heels race is the first time, stepping on 6 cm high-heeled, usually mention shopping, running up and can not help but cautiously, for fear that jimmy choo shoes sale wrestling. Thus, 20 seconds 100 meters ran out is normal. However, the girls into the top ten, almost all movement control, badminton, basketball, running, sports of all are fine to ask people. With the end of play on weekdays, wearing high heels, running up and just able to sprint. The men wear shoes a woman wearing high heels lost; this result will certainly make a lot of boys to shame. I asked, left behind a few, not computer manolo blahnik shoes , that is, the control, and exercise control over women, the results also can imagine.
However, the result is not important, not to mention there is always next year. This reporter learned that high heels contest will be the Kanji mountains south Tranche brand activities, meets annually. Missed this year, next year maybe the main character is you.
Dressed in the early spring breeze blowing taste, but also raise with our determination to reduce, in addition to clothes, the shoes, the choice can not be ignored Oh, posters, web series compiled for the newspaper today, faithful to recommend comfortable and fashionable shoes Block (Brogue), so you leave christian louboutin shoes
Block shoes (Brogue) from 16th century Scotland and Ireland who work in the highland areas of work shoes worn by the 20th century, the Block shoes (Brogue) evolved shape, a gentleman, a status symbol. Men's Block into dress shoes (Brogue), toe perforation pattern with delicate flowers, and had three joint blunt airfoil into
7 morning, reporters came to Harbin on Rueful a university campus, the teaching building of a wall of the theater screamed "prohibited food into the classroom, school hours not eat," "classroom ban off shoes "and other rules and regulations of more than one nameplate. Hastening on a common course of the boys told reporters, as the school's teaching method is geothermal heating floor, cotton-Tory burch outlet shoes more boring, the students often secretly take off your shoes, hundreds of people in the lecture room, air circulation and poor so the school has introduced such a requirement.
In front of the school's dormitory building, but also set up a "dormitory boys stop" warning signs, see a few cards from either the girlfriend of the boys stop, listen and wait downstairs. Barrier on the basketball sidelines, wearing "men and women are not to hand, arm in arm, arms around peers, but can not be chasing," the school rules. But many students does not agree to these rules and regulations, is reading a sophomore Mary told reporters that the hidden corners of the campus and the family area has a lot of "Lovers Lake", "Love Street." For a long time tory burch reva a tradition, every evening there will be a lot of students gathered couples. Single people are often surprised attracted the attention of many, she will choose every time a person through the bypass.
"Leftovers more than 1 / 3 of a fine of 50 Yuan," another in a nearby university cafeteria reporter saw a more detailed rules and regulations. Student Zhang told reporters that school rules like this are common on campus, basically every corner there, despite a fine read, but not really practiced. Recycling chopsticks in the tory burch sandals also monitoring the phenomenon is indeed a waste of student’s leftovers to a certain difference.
Through interviews, the reporter found that in almost every university has different types of school rules, from classroom discipline to the basic necessities of life, and detailed specific actions to act a certain constraint. For this brief but school rules, many
Said that tory burch flats has become commonplace, this is just a way of disciplining students the school only.
For these seemingly "insignificant" in the school rules, a student at a university in charge tell their own understanding, "headache medicine head, feet hurt foot" is a more effective method. "To avoid some of the campus do not want to happen, only the detailed rules and regulations to a certain behavior, the role played reminded." Many Tory Burch shoes
http://www.toryburchcenter.com/tory-burch-shoes-c-19.html Many seemingly "Ray" is the school of detailed rules and regulations formulated under special circumstances, the purpose is to protect the interests of the majority, can only enhance the binding portion of the population.

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